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 Post subject: Re: Pens vs Canucks 11-22-17
PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:43 pm 
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If this group takes until Jan/Feb to get it figured out they will be dead in the water.

Donnie Brasco wrote:

Even getting a better 4C would boost this team's chances to drive offense 5v5 because right now that isn't happening. This team has also been unbelievably unlucky with their shooting percentages... They're getting good looks just can't convert. What frightens me is that we might turn out like the kings of a few years ago where they dominated possession but shot a ridiculously low percentage the entire year! Ended up missing the playoffs. We have better shooters but it's still in the back of my mind. We've been really unlucky with bounces this year.. Just waiting for things to turn around and it's not happening yet

The Pens are currently filling the net at a 7.4% clip which would have put them in the bottom four last year. Goals per game this season finds them 27th. One big problem
The other is the goals difference-way too far to the wrong side for a squad like this. Yet the Pens have gotten off a 100 more shots then they have allowed.

The longest winning streak to date is 3 games. Let that sink in.

I'm down on this team for the moment because it isn't fun to watch them right now. I'll still tune them in every night but I just wish they could find a week, maybe two where we see the team that we know they can be.


 Post subject: Re: Pens vs Canucks 11-22-17
PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:11 am 

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^ echo all of that. Also, we have yet to see the offensive explosion in the early months we’ve seen in years past. A game here and there in the first 2 months of the season where they score 5-6 goals, or even more, in a game.

It’s not that I think Geno, Phil and Cros have suddenly forgot how to score; what I think is that teams league wide have learned how to play us, and for the most part, shut us down. Our 3-4th lines look dreadfully slow. Their passing is bad. Unless Murray stands on his head our defense might be in a tough spot until D1 and D2 start clicking. This is why I don’t think we have the luxury of taking the early months off this year, or even hovering around .500 because as we’ve seen since the season started, we are going to get every team’s A+ game every night.

 Post subject: Re: Pens vs Canucks 11-22-17
PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:00 am 

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fractalsteel wrote:
Suwanee88 wrote:
I can say one thing that screams true...... Lipps and Orange had a hell of a lot more fight in them last night than the Penguins.

Everyone is talking about a 3C need.

I’d rather drop Jake to 3C (as I suggested in the pre-season) and bring up Sprong soon to see if that sparks Sid.

I’d also start resting guys as they look slow with no passion.

If I am making a trade, I think it’s for a D-Man.

I see several problems with your scenario though I believe Gentzel would make a good Center.
First off, the Pens expect their 3/4 centers to be penalty killers. Gentzel is not a PK'er, at least not yet. That makes game time rosters precarious at best. If Gentzel can't play the PK then you have to keep a center around(McKegg) just for the PK. That limits the roster big time.
And the PK has been shit so far this year and moving Gentzel to 3 center only makes it worse.

Sprong must not be ready for the big time yet-others have been called up before him. I believe that Sully doesn't trust him defensively at the NHL level. He has spoken of that lack of trust in the media several times.

Pens need to add a third or maybe a fourth(bumping Sheahan) center to the roster and I just don't see that on the current roster. And that center needs to be a good PK'er like Bonino and Cullen were the past two years.

I wouldn't be opposed to changes on the blue line but remember this group won last year without Letang. I think Hunwick is the key here. If he can play big minutes then we are more solid back there. We haven't seen enough of Hunwick(injury) as a Pen to know if he is that key.

I see several problems with the Penguins current scenarios. I think Jake can do anything, it’s worth the risk to inject more scoring in this lineup. But the big three are our only hope to turn this around - they must get better.

I like Sheahan. I think he is close. He is a good 4C.

I also love Hunwick.

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